Monday, September 1, 2008

This blog is dedicated to the little one in the picture below.

Now tell me is our India really shining???
This is Namrata who was attacked by VHP people in Orissa's Kandhamal district last month (Aug 2008). Did you notice the word - "Attacked"? Yes, she was attacked and you can see the evidence on her face. For many of us this will be one among the many pics which comes in our dailies. But for Namrata?
No........... its not going to give the same feeling instead this is going to haunt her forever!
Sitting here in the US, a country which is much ahead of our india, every moment I am hoping that our India will one day will get ahead!!! The only reason for my belief is simple, we all have what it takes to go past in a big way!!!
We all say India is Diverse, India is developing, India is celebrating 61 years of independence, Unity in Diversity, National Integrity, Secular India etc...etc.. But today after seeing Namrata's innocent face in such a bad state and I am asking everyone does these slogans make any sense to you? Does these mean some way or the other violence in the name of religion? Well I am absolutely livid now and I am full of pathos for the innocent villagers of Orissa!!!
I know I am helpless but if there is anyone who knows a way to aid them, please let me know!


Suvarna said...

It is real sad! We claim ourselves to be the most advanced species, but we fight with one another in the name of religion.At least the so called inferior species use violence only for food or to survive from danger!

harish said...

I cant believe that people can do these kind of things without any hatred in mind for the victim..The attackers did not have anything against this kid for sure...but they still did it.Only criminals can do it.It is sad that these people are in many political parties or may be political parties are using these guys for acts of violence..There has to be fear of law.that is the only way